H.B. Danesh

Short Biography

Dr. H. B. Danesh is the founder and president of the International Education for Peace Institute (Canada), a visiting faculty member of the European Peace University (Austria) and the World Peace Academy, Basel University (Switzerland), and the former president of Landegg International University, Switzerland (1998–2003). He is a retired professor of conflict resolution and peace education at Landegg International University (1998–2003) and associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Ottawa, Canada (1973–1983). An author, international lecturer, and consultant, with five decades of academic and clinical experience as a physician, psychiatrist, and peace educator, Dr. Danesh has conducted research and published on issues of peace education, leadership studies, the causes and prevention of violence, Conflict-Free Conflict Resolution (CFCR), and the psychology of spirituality. He is the creator of the Education for Peace Program and the main author of its 11-volume curriculum. Dr. Danesh has been a consultant to many government agencies, NGO’s, various UN agencies, public and private schools, educational and social institutions, in Canada, the United States, Europe, China, Japan, Brazil, India, the Middle East, Malawi, South Africa, and Central America. He has made hundreds of academic and public presentations to audiences in over 65 countries in Africa; North, Central, and South America; Western Europe; Russia, India, Cyprus, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Japan.

Dr. H.B. Danesh - Professional History

2004present- Visiting faculty at European Peace University (Austria), and World Peace Academy (since 2009) , University of Basel (Switzerland). 
2002 – present - Founder and president of the International Education for Peace Institute (EFP-International), Canada.1998 – 2003 - Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Landegg International University, Switzerland. 
1998 – 2003 - Founding President of Landegg International University, Switzerland. 
1988 – 1992 - General Secretary of the Baha'is of Canada
1980 – 1985 - Founding Member of the International Baha’i Health Agency
1975 – 1992 - Founding Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Baha’i Studies
1974 – 1992 - Founding Member and Executive Secretary of the Governing Board of the Association for Baha’i Studies – North America
1973 – 1983 - Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Ottawa
1972 – 1992 - Elected Member of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Canada, serving for most of those years as its Chairman and Vice Chairman.  

Areas of Research and Expertise

·         Education for Peace (EFP)
·         Conflict-Free Conflict Resolution (CFCR)
·         Causes and prevention of violence at interpersonal, institutional, and societal levels
·         Marriage and family studies 
·         Spirituality, psychology, and religion
·         Thanatology (study of death and dying and the psychological mechanisms for coping with them)  


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