H.B. Danesh

Causes and Prevention of Violence

Over the years I have done extensive research on the causes of violence and its prevention at all levels—individual, family, and society.  I am of the view that human violence is the outcome of complex psychological, socioeconomic, ideological, moral/ethical, and spiritual conditions that have their genesis in human states of disunity and misunderstanding regarding ethnic, cultural, and racial diversity. I have published several articles and books on issues pertaining human violence. Among the books are The Violence-Free Society: A Gift for Our Children; Unity: The Creative Foundation of Peace; and The Violence-Free Family: The Building Block of a Peaceful Civilization. My book-length essay Fever in the World of the Mind: On the Causes and Prevention of Violence” is scheduled for publication in 2011 as one of the volumes in the Education for Peace Integrated Curriculum Series.

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