H.B. Danesh

Marriage and Family Studies

In my 30 years of practice and teaching of psychiatry, I studied the causes of the rapid disintegration of the institutions of marriage and family in the contemporary world and focused on identifying the dynamics and characteristics of healthy marriages and families. These two areas of research and study gradually expanded the scope of my work from the office to the community, and from primarily Western societies to other cultures. In the process, I have developed an integrated approach to understanding the family as the building-block of society. Currently, I am holding intensive educational Healthy Marriage and Family workshops upon invitation, and working on a book about the dynamics of love and power in marriage.

Related Publications

Danesh, H.B. (1995). The Violence-Free Family: Building Block of a Peaceful Civilization. Ottawa: Bahá'i Studies Publications.
(Also in Italian and Serbia/Croatian/Bosnian)