H.B. Danesh

Spirituality, Psychology, Religion

Another area of my interest and research concerns the relationship between the psychological and spiritual aspects of human nature. My book The Psychology of Spirituality: From Divided Self to Integrated Self (1994), thus far,has had two printing in English and has been translated and published in Chinese (second edition), Arabic, Persian, and Spanish. The English original has also been published in India for exclusive distribution in the Subcontinent.

My new (2010) book on issues of spirituality, psychology, and religion is Unity of Faith and Reason in Action: A Journey of Discovery.
This 460-page book is an account of a personal journey in search of answers to some of the most perplexing questions of life. Unity of Faith and Reason in Action demonstrates how “religion and science” and “faith and reason,” in their authentic forms, are indeed distinct but complementary ways of knowing, essential for a reasoned, creative, enlightened, and meaningful life. The book takes the reader on a journey at once personal and universal, familiar and unfamiliar, sobering and enlightening, joyful and soulful. Unity of Faith and Reason in Action is the fruit of five decades of search, research, and experience and complements many similar concepts contained in my previous books, including the Psychology of Spirituality, Unity: the Creative Foundation of Peace, The Violence-Free Society: A Gift for Our Children, and the 11-volume series Education for Peace Curriculum. 

Related Publications

Danesh, H.B. (2010) Unity of Faith and Reason in Action: A Journey of Discovery, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Juxta Publishing.
Danesh, H.B. (1997). The psychology of spirituality, Switzerland, Landegg Academy Press. Second Edition.
(Also in Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Spanish)

Danesh, H.B. (1969).  “Growth” and Psychotherapy. The Chicago Medical School Quarterly, 28(3) 12, 75-86.