H.B. Danesh

Consultation and Conflict Resolution

In my work on issues of conflict prevention and resolution, I draw from a number of disciplines, including psychology, sociology, philosophy, religion, history, and ethics, as well as from studies on violence and international, cultural, religious, and family conflict. My son Roshan Danesh (S.J.D., Harvard) and I developed the concept and practice of Conflict-Free Conflict Resolution (CFCR), a unity-based, developmental approach to the issues of prevention and resolution of all forms of conflict. Together, we have conducted seminars and workshops, and given courses on CFCR in many academic and professional settings in North America, Europe, Africa, the Far East, and elsewhere, and have published extensively on this subject. We have been actively involved in the development and application of unity-based programs to issues of multiculturalism, interethnic harmony, and eradication of all forms of prejudice in many countries, including Austria, Bermuda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, China, Cyprus, Japan, Malawi, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, and the United States.

Related Publications

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